Subcontracting Meetings 2020 - Brokerage Event on Industrial Subcontracting

Brokerage event
24 Manufacture of basic metals
24.5 Casting of metals
03.06.2020 to 05.06.2020
Poznan International Fair
Poznań, Poland
+48 (61) 827 9749
gc [at] ppnt [dot] poznan [dot] pl
Contact person: 
Grzesiek Ciesla

Encouraged by the success of the previous editions of the Subcontracting Industrial Subcontracting Exhibitions, Poznań International Fair decided to organise the "Subcontracting Meetings 2020" which will be held simultaneously with the biggest industrial trade fair in Poland – the ITM Poland.
Subcontracting exhibition is dedicated to companies that provide subcontracting services – mainly in the area of metal processing. Industrial Subcontracting Exhibition 2020 fair will be accompanied by co-operational Subcontracting Meetings 2020, to which industry representatives, including large corporate enterprises, are invited. This year the Subcontracting Meetings will be organized for the ninth time. In year 2019 more than 100 participants from 12 countries took part in more than 340 meetings.
The aim of the Subcontracting Meetings 2020 is to match companies offering advanced industrial subcontracting services with partners/companies searching for such subcontractors. The
participants of Subcontracting Meetings 2020 can be companies that are exhibitors of the Industrial Subcontracting Exhibition and which want to present their subcontracting services. The visitors of the fairs - buyers of subcontracting services, can take part also in the meetings to find most suitable partners. The role of the Enterprise Europe Network partners is to support Poznan International Fairs in organisation of the meetings and to provide assistance for Enterprise Europe Network clients before, during and after the meetings.
The registration is possible via:
The registration is possible until May, 25th.
Meeting selection is possible between May, 7th.and May, 25th.
Subcontracting Meetings 2020 are dedicated for companies offering services of industrial subcontraction and companies willing to buy such services.
All companies are welcomed, but EEN clients have discounts on registration fees.



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