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UK book swapping company is looking for a delivery solution under a services agreement

The London-based company is a customer-to-customer digital marketplace for people to swap physical books. The company has already successfully launched in Estonia and is now preparing to launch the product in the UK and in Finland.
The company is a low cost service for everybody to find and easily get any kind of physical book from the second hand market. It is looking to partner with parcel delivery companies in Europe under a services agreement.

The London-based company operates in the digital marketplace sector. It is a customer-to-customer service that allows people to swap books with one another.
Customers have to create a profile on the platform and then offer the books that they no long need on the marketplace, so that it can be visible to the other users. Each book ordered from the user gives them the right to choose a book from other users. If you cannot find the book that you are looking for, you can add it to your wish list, and, if anyone offers this book, you will be notified. If someone orders a book from you, you would need to post it to the nearest parcel terminal or parcel shop, the orderer will pay for the delivery. When you pass an order, the book will arrive at the packing point you specify. The book that you have collected is yours, and you do not have to return it. But you might consider putting it back onto the platform after reading it. You can pay a one-time fee for a swap or a long term subscription for multiple swaps.You do not need to pay for the books themselves as this is a swap, you will have to pay the subscription fee and the shipping fee when ordering. The main advantage of the platform is that you can turn your old books into new ones without having to cut down a single tree.

The London-based company is looking for a delivery company active in Europe that provides C2C parcel delivery services. The company would need to be reasonably priced and convenient.

The collaboration would be a services agreement, under which the delivery company would send their API or enable an automated connection to their system so that customers are able to choose the most suitable parcel delivery option as well as pay directly from the UK company's marketplace.

The parcel delivery company would receive a confirmation from the London-based company's platform and would then execute the delivery to the address/parcel shop. The parcel delivery company would send monthly invoices to the UK company for all of the deliveries executed in one month periods.



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Thursday, 5 November, 2020