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Italian SME leader in the x-ray and ultrasounds technology sector is looking for partners with know-how in the field of artificial intelligence aimed to detect in automatic mode defects in mechanical parts under a technology cooperation agreement

Italian company founded in 1947 has developed a solid experience and competence in x-ray and ultrasound technology with applications in the medical, industrial and security market. 

It is looking for a partner in the field of x-ray image post-processing, with a strong know-how in artificial intelligence development aimed to detect in automatic mode various types of defects (e.g. porosity, cracks) in mechanical parts (e.g. aluminium casts, iron casts) under a technology cooperation agreement 

The Italian company - founded in 1947 and located in northern Italy - is active in the field of x-ray and ultrasounds technology.

It is among the leading manufacturers of x-ray and ultrasound equipment in three different sectors: medical, security and non-destructive testing (NDT).
Scientific base and continuous development have always been at the base of the company’s vision.
The radiology market for medical, security and industry is defined by high scientific and technical content, continuous innovation and rapid evolution. 

Security sector: it offers a complete range of products that, thanks to technologically advanced solutions in the field of detection of weapons, explosives, drugs contained in hand luggage, hold luggage and pallets, they ensure safety standards in line with the relevant European regulations.
The product range covers both the airport market, with machines designed following the latest and most stringent European and American regulations, and the non-aviation market now focused on anti-terrorism systems.
The range of products includes:

  • x-ray scanner for hand baggage airport checkpoints, with or without automatic detection of explosives
  • x-ray machines for hold baggage checks, with or without automatic detection of explosives
  • cargo x-ray machines for pallet and large package scanning
  • mobile x-ray systems
  • millimetre-wave machines for people scanning
  • devices for solid explosive trace detection

Non-destructive testing: fluoroscopy is an NDT screening method that produces an image in real-time. It increases productivity for the screening of large batches of items.
Ultrasound technology is widely used in metal, railway and automotive industries both as portable equipment as well as integrated automated systems.

NDT product range includes:

  • Automatic UT (ultrasounds) systems for railway testing both during production and in-service
  • Complete fluoroscopy systems for castings testing with manual or automated piece management
  • Manual and automated UT systems for testing of steel and light alloy castings
  • Fully automated systems for production line integration
  • X-ray systems up to 450kV for fluoroscopy and radiology

Medical radiology: the company has a complete range of products including a unique x-ray irradiator, digital multifunctional rooms and portable equipment, both traditional and equipped with digital detectors.

The company is looking for technological partners with competencies and expertise in the analysis of digital images, particularly for the characterization of defects (porosity, cracks) in mechanical parts (ie aluminium casts, iron casts, polymers). The cooperation requested aims to accelerate and enhance the efficiency of the project, benefiting from another company complementary expertise and know-how. The company is opened to discuss the modalities of technical cooperation agreement



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