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A UK Company based in the North East has developed and trialled a device to prevent children’s buggies from tipping over when bags etc. are hung from the handles. The device is fixed to the rear legs of the buggy and can be swung upwards and folded out of the way when not needed.

The company is based in North East England and is privately owned and managed. It has extensive experience in the charity education and caring sectors looking after children and families – and has seen first-hand the falls and other accidents that happen to children from buggies and pushchairs. In fact, research has shown over a 21-year period, over 360,000 children were injured in accidents involving buggies in the USA alone; this device resolves that problem.

The device has been developed directly from that experience and prototype systems have been trialled with families with very positive feedback. These user trials have demonstrated that fitting a buggy assist device also improves the buggy’s manoeuvrability, making it easier to push around in busy and congested spaces.

The stabilising device consists of two arms, which are clipped to the rear legs of the buggy and provide the mechanical strength to support additional weight (bags, purses, shopping etc.) hung on the handles of the buggy by parents and carers. Between the arms of the device, an additional shelf is provided for bags etc. Busy parents can therefore use their buggies to carry extra shopping and bags with no risk of it falling over with the extra weight. When not needed, the arms of the buggy assist device swing upward to lie parallel to the buggy’s rear legs, so it only needs to be fitted to a buggy once.


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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Thursday, 24 March, 2022


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