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ECM (enterprise content management) acquisition or joint venture candidates sought in Switzerland or southern Germany

An Austrian business consultancy firm seeks, on behalf of a client, small to mid (€5-€20m) acquisition or growth partners in the ICT service industry – focus on ECM (enterprise content management) and/or ERP (enterprise resource planning). The investor offers notable ECM expertise in market development and expansion. Potential targets: businesses looking to boost their Swiss-German presence/to expand and complement their portfolio. Strong geographical focus on Switzerland and (southern) Germany.

The Austrian branch of an international investment banking consultancy firm is working on behalf of a client active in the ECM/ERP field. This client has significant ECM expertise and is looking for suitable acquisition or growth partners with the aim of building a Swiss-German cross-border ECM/ERP conglomerate.

Analysis shows the ECM/ERP market to be somewhat fragmented requiring consolidation leading to competitive advantage through integration and economies of scale. The ECM specialist company has both the necessary expertise as well as the financial backing to support suitable candidates in the expansion/growth phase of their operations.

The proposed buyer is an established ECM professional who will actively partake in managing the ECM expansion. This specialist brings over 20 years of high level ECM/ERP experience including personnel management, has a proven track record of impressive results and is supported by a strong investor and a specialised M&A (merger an acquisition) consultancy firm. The investor has significant experience in succession plans, growth financing, acquisitions of majority interests and cooperation with existing shareholders.

Potential targets are sought meeting the following criteria.
Technology: ECM – ERP (business with active ECM aspect preferred)
Region: Switzerland – Germany
Deal Type: majority or takeover
Deal Size: €5-€20m

The preferred targets are operative ICT businesses in Switzerland or Germany with the intention to boost their market presence, to expand their ECM portfolio, to combine ECM with ERP (or vice versa), to leverage their technology and/or to transfer the company e.g. through a business succession.

Over the coming years, the investor plans to set up an expansion-oriented group of companies in order to exploit the potential in the ECM/ERP market and is looking for the first candidate(s) at this stage.

Partners are sought for acquisition or joint venture.  Both full acquisition and majority takeover are of interest to the investor.



For more information please contact Enterprise Europe Network Latvia.

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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Perses Street 2, Riga, LV-1442, Latvia
info [at] een [dot] lv
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Friday, 6 December, 2019


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