70 Activities of head offices; management consultancy activities

Baikal Communications Group

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Baikal Communications Group is seeking an opportunity to partner up with the Latvian companies, which plan to arrange the business functioning within the Russian Federation in an unconfined as well as unconstrained manner.

We are multi-faceted and versatile company, which specializes in full-fledged lobbying in the interests of business and non-profit organizations. We are able to offer the whole range of services for our clients – implementation of projects in the field of GR&Lobbying and Strategic Communications, realization of political (incl. governmental) initiatives, execution of expertise in the sphere of Legal Practice and Business-Consulting.

For potential Latvian partners, that are arranging the entry into the Russian market, we suggest the qualified and highly-efficient assistance, which comprises:

  • Analysis of markets and industries, professional assessment of potential profile, sectoral competitors,
  • Analysis and prognosis of the current and future trends and tendencies, concerning the political and economic environment of the Russian Federation, which can take a toll or, vice versa, have a positive impact on the provisions of entry into the Russian market or business evolvement and expansion inside the Russian Federation,
  • Post-Entry Support and the subsequent project’s elaboration for effective Lobbying and Government Relations’ management at the regional, federal and supranational levels (the scope of our professional jurisdiction includes the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union),
  • Facilitation of Latvian companies’ efforts in searching potential partners and clients, distribution channels all over the territory of the Russian Federation and the entire Eurasian Economic Union.

All the range of services is represented on the website of Baikal Communications Group: https://b-c-g.ru/en/. Please, do not hesitate to familiarize Yourself with our official data on the website.

We have an extensive five years’ practical experience, including the implementation of electoral, agitational/PR and lobbying/GR campaigns by request of federal and regional ministries, political parties, multinationals and NPOs, the arrangement of PR and GR training sessions for state and corporate entities, reputation management and research on sectoral regulation on behalf of corporations, etc. (More detailed information on experience and clients’ reviews You can find on our website https://b-c-g.ru/en/).

We would be deeply grateful for the opportunity to facilitate the plans of the Latvian companies to arrange the entry into the Russian market or expand the existing business in the Russian Federation. Should You be interested in the cooperation, or have any questions as well as concerns, please, do not hesitate to reach our Project Manager, International Communications Practice of Baikal Communications Group, Vladislav Pantiukhin (e-mail: pantiukhin xatto bc-g [dot] ru).

Contact person: 
Vladislav Pantiukhin
Contact languages: 
Gruzinka 30 Business Center, Bolshaya Gruzinskaya 30A, building 1, Moscow, 123056
pantiukhin [at] bc-g [dot] ru
Proposal valid till: 
Sunday, 27 June, 2021


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