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UK company needs nutritional testing and analysis for a vegetable product under a service agreement

The UK company is in the process of bringing a vegetable sprouts powder product to the consumer market.

The company is looking for an EU accredited laboratory that can test for the compound sulforaphane in fresh sprouts, powder, and mature broccoli.

The UK company is interested in entering into a services agreement with the laboratory.

The UK company established in 2018, is a wholesaler of fresh vegetable sprouts to food businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and cafes. The company specialises in sprouts and has twelve varieties. 

The company is currently developing a sprouts powder for consumers. Studies have highlighted vegetables in powder form are more concentrated than fresh green vegetables, resulting in a higher nutritional profile.  The versatility of how the product could be used is also a strong selling point. 

The company will be the first in the UK to launch such a product.  

The company is currently looking for a short term service agreement with an accredited EU laboratory to test for the compound, sulforaphane. This compound is obtained from vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbages.

Sulforaphane testing is thought to be uncommon and can not be done unless the laboratory is accredited. The company had issues finding a suitable service in the UK to undertake the testing. 

The UK company is looking for a partner that can compare the concentration in fresh sprouts vs powder vs mature broccoli. This will help the UK company to understand just how powerful and concentrated the sprout powders are. The UK company are launching the powders based on their nutrition profile and hence want to be evidence-based rather than misleading customers. 



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