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A Romanian importer and distributor of electrical energetics products seeks new suppliers under manufacturing or distribution services agreements

The Romanian company is specialized in distribution of materials and equipment for electrical installations growing its presence in both residential and industrial national market. Its product range include low, medium and high voltage electrical power distribution.
The SME seeks to establish long-term partnerships with either producers or distributors of electrical materials, equipment and lighting solutions. Cooperation under manufacturing or distribution services agreements is foreseen.

The company from West Region of Romania is active on the market since 2000 and currently has over 35 employees.

With almost 20 years of experience in the import and distribution of materials and equipment for electrical installations, the Romanian company has now its own network of stores and warehouses with over 20,000 electro-energy product categories. These wares are destined for energy and constructions sectors, both residential and industrial, mainly:
• Low voltage electrical equipment built for rated voltages not exceeding 1000 V AC, 1200 V DC;
• Medium voltage equipment for efficient power distribution on large stretches;
• High-voltage equipment- voltage of 100-1000kV;

The portfolio includes:
• Cables and wires;
• Installation pipes and cable protection tubes;
• Protective hose systems;
• Cable carrying systems;
• Slotted cable trunking system;
• Cable and wire entry systems;
• Installation material for cables and tubes;
• Domestic switching devices;
• Energy distribution systems;
• Relays, meter panels and distribution boards;
• Circuit breakers and fuses;
• Earthing, lightning and surge protection;
• Luminaries, lamps, light control and accessories for lighting;
• Connectors and connection devices;
• Small household appliances;
• Residential heating;
• Batteries, chargers, power cords;

The company works both with national and international suppliers and most of the products are from Italy, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Greece and Romania. 

The Romanian company has a long experience in the electrical field, and has the quality management certification ISO 9001: 2008. In addition, the SME can also provide the technical means required for plumbing, assistance and technical support services. Furthermore, the enterprise provide both standard products and turnkey solutions designed in order to meet the customer needs.

The company is looking for partners mainly from Serbia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy and Austria but collaborators from other European countries are also taken into consideration.

The Romanian SME is looking for competitive partners who can deliver good quality electric products based on long-term distribution services or manufacturing agreements. Particularly, the Romanian company is looking for suppliers of: wires and cables, metallic light poles, zinc tape, lighting fittings and ground rods. 



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