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Portuguese company seeks industrial partners/companies to produce detergents made from recycled food oil. Manufacturing agreement or subcontracting agreement are sought.
Portuguese start-up developed solutions for viable recycling of used food oils and consequent processing into liquid detergents.

The company has been produced different type of ecological detergents for floor, dishes, clothes, multi-surface, glass and liquid soap for hands.

The Portuguese company seeks industrial partners or companies interested in the transformation of used food oils in its facilities. A manufacturing agreement or subcontracting agreement are sought. 

The Portuguese company was founded in 2016 after a research and development project of a University of the region, whose objective was to discover alternative methods for the solubilization of waste oils and their conversion into cleaning products.
The technology developed during this project allowed to create a company that exclusively exploits the scientific knowledge produced.
The company's vision is based on the democratization of the production of 100% biodegradable cleaning agents for all people with access to end-of-life vegetable oils, whether in the domestic, professional or industrial environment.
These products will allow the HoReCa channel (hotels, restaurants and cafes) to recycle the used food oil with economic benefits.

The different types of detergent produced have the following specifications:
- Detergent for floor: suitable for interior and exterior floors
- Detergent for dishes: manual dishwashing detergent, not aggressive to the skin
- Detergent for clothes: suitable for washing machine for all types of clothes
- Detergent for multi-surface: suitable for cleaning countertops and sanitary ware
- Detergent for glass: suitable for cleaning glass and glazed surfaces.
- Grease detergent: suitable for cleaning benches, stoves and other surfaces
- Liquid soap for hands.

The Portuguese company is now starting its internationalization process.

In order to increase its production capacity, the company seeks industrial partners or companies interested in the production of this type of products. The partnership sought can be established through manufacturing agreement or subcontracting agreement.



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