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Complex anti-icing coating with additional features and enhanced characteristics

The Russian developer of an innovative anti-icing gel is looking for partners to sign a manufacturing or research cooperation agreement. Partners are likely to come from the building chemicals industry, or elsewhere.

Russian innovative company from St. Petersburg established in 2016 specializes in R&D on anti-icing materials.

For today, a number of methods to prevent icing of various surfaces in winter has been developed. However, there are no technologies that would cope with problems often encountered in the arctic, subarctic or temperate climatic zones along with icing.

The Russian company has developed a universal forefront solution for de-icing of any surface - a multicomponent gel containing fullerenol-D. Among its exceptional characteristics, there are anti-corrosion, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, etc.

The product now has no analogs and is to be of particular interest for construction industries, housing, and communal services and other branches of economy.

The company is looking for international cooperation to complete the development process of its invention and launch mass production. Further product promotion is also required. Under the research cooperation agreement, the company will pool its R&D capacities to reach the stage of a finished commodity. Under the manufacturing agreement, the company will provide the patented process of production as well as its innovative capacities to the manufacturer.



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Monday, 29 June, 2020


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