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Partners sought to develop disruptive extrusion technology for structural thermoset polyurethane construction plastics under the framework of subcontracting and outsourcing agreements

A Spanish start-up company seeks to sign subcontracting and outsourcing agreements with partners to develop a disruptive continuous manufacturing technology of thermoset polyurethane for the construction plastics market. The project has been granted within national and European early phase public funding and the up-scaling project is being defined to build the MVP (minimum viable product).

Spanish company from Barcelona is an early stage chemical start-up with extensive know-how in polyurethane materials (formulation, processing, and product innovation). They are participating in an international incubation program and it is in their interest to incorporate their European collaborators in their project.

During the first stage of their project, they are developing a prototype of their first products: frame/profiles for highly energy-efficient windows. Besides, they are developing a proof of concept before technology development.
The next stage of their project is to create a primary technology and later automate and digitize the manufacturing line, building a first pilot plant that will produce different plastic constructions, such as profiles, frames, pipes, sheets and other materials of a constant section. The technology designed has great potential to become a game-changer in plastics manufacturing and a revolution within construction plastics products
Their long-term business is to license the new technology, partnering with collaborators, and to achieve industrial and commercial agreements, to supply big plastic manufacturers with their machines.
The catalan company has the knowledge but does not have enough human and industrial resources to realize the whole production process so they are looking for partners such as chemical companies, engineering companies, machine, and technology constructors to sign outsourcing services or subcontracting agreements depending on the part of the project assigned. 



For more information please contact Enterprise Europe Network Latvia.

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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Friday, 19 February, 2021


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