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The Swedish candle designer is looking for producers of scented candles and packaging in Europe for long term manufacturing agreements.

The Swedish candle designer is looking for producers in Europe for both scented candles and packaging for long-term manufacturing agreements. 

Through quality-assured production in Europe, the Swedish candle designer will deliver high-quality, exclusively produced, premium candles adapted after the customer's individual preference. Through a wide number of colors and scents, each customer has the opportunity to individually adapt the candle and the packaging according to their own preference.

The manufacturer of candles should be able to produce high quality, scented candles in a wide range of colors, different options of glass jars and should offer a large assortment of fragrances. The manufacturer has to be aware of the volumes requested by the Swedish designer that is in a start-up-phase and will start the order volumes at 100-1000 candles per order.

The end customer will select the greeting written on the packaging. Therefor the candle designer is looking for a manufacturer of packaging that can offer a short lead time. When the Swedish candle designer receive an orders from their end customers an order will be placed to the manufacturer of the packaging. Short lead time is important so that the candle designer can deliver the products to their customers as quickly as possible.


For more information please contact Enterprise Europe Network Latvia.

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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Perses Street 2, Riga, LV-1442, Latvia
info [at] een [dot] lv
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Thursday, 25 November, 2021


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