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Russian manufacturer of sugar concentration measuring instruments is looking for reliable suppliers of electrical circuits and other materials

A Russian company produces laser systems of a portable multi-pass polarimeter, for determining the concentration of substances and measuring sugar content.  They are used in the manufacturing and chemical industries. The company is looking for new suppliers of electronic circuits and materials necessary for the manufacture of a polarimeter and to conclude a supplier agreement.

The Russian company from Moscow was founded in 2014. The manufacturer has 20 years of experience in the development and delivery of femtosecond laser systems, ultrafast spectroscopy and near-field optical microscopy, interferometry. The company sees its mission in integrating scientific ideas and the practical needs of modern society. The goal is to maintain and develop the scientific and technical level of society.
The company produces laser systems of a portable multi-pass polarimeter. These devices are widely used in the production of sugar for measuring its concentration. They are also able to effectively determine the concentration of proteins and amino acids in solutions, the starch in plant foods and ascorbic acid. In addition, modern models are able to determine the activity of enzymes that break down carbon and other substances. In such systems when the light wavelength changes, the angle of rotation of the plane of polarization also changes. This makes it possible to study the structure of substances.
The polarimeter can be digital or optical. The digital models of devices are rather inexpensive automatic devices for solving a wide range of problems. They are perfect for sugar production and medical laboratories. The optical model is a setup capable of qualitatively measuring the rotation angle of an optically active sample. It is used not only for the analysis of substances in medicine or the sugar industry but also in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Such a device is indispensable both in scientific or industrial laboratories and in educational institutions.
The Russian company is looking for partners from the electronic field, which will supply its electronic components (electronic microcircuit sensors, electrical receivers, electric waves) for the needs of a Russian company and to conclude supplier agreement. More precise terms of delivery will be agreed upon after the first conversation with a potential supplier.



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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Perses Street 2, Riga, LV-1442, Latvia
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Sunday, 14 March, 2021


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