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Light technology company looking for higher colour resolution operating room lighting technology

Lithuanian company specialized in technical light supplies is seeking a new operating rooms lighting technology for a major hospital operating room. It is looking for a new technology lighting solution with higher spectrum resolution with a maximized colour reproduction index (CRI). The company is seeking a technology developer or a supplier to work under the commercial agreement with technical support or a joint venture agreement. 

Lithuanian technology company that is specializing in lighting technologies and supplies are seeking for an enhanced resolution lighting technology for their new project. The project will see a new technology installed and used at the operating theater in one of the major hospitals enabling operating accuracy. The successful test practice would potentially see a request for a further technology supplies. 

High-luminance, even, non-dimming operating lighting can be achieved by solid-state (based on semiconductor light-emitting diodes) or metal-halide discharge lamps (older model) that are already in use and successfully used in operating rooms worldwide.

Naturally reproducible colors obtained by optimizing and maximizing the color reproduction index (International Lighting Association's CIE Standard, Shortening CRI) are important in general surgery but are not always sufficient to visually distinguish tissue of similar shades. Modern intelligent lighting technology, created on the basis of modern semiconductor (LEDs), allows not only precise color reproduction, but also enriches the desired areas, thus extending the range of colors presented and making it possible to visually distinguish areas of similar shade. Such technologies are already used in the lighting and beauty industries of art works, but company is looking for suppliers, who has adapted such technology for operating theaters lighting.

Ideally the company is looking to work under the commercial agreement with a technical support, where they would buy technology directly from the manufacturer with a long term technical assistance package. 



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