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A Korean company is seeking an international partner for their technology/know-how in energy generation & storage management system integration

A Korean company which has specialty in optimal Energy Storage System(ESS) system integration technology has been in the renewable energy integration business since 2012. The company is expanding its area to smart city ESS and is searching for the design technology which can discover, compose and propose the entire project. The company would like to collaborate with overseas partners through a commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement, and technical cooperation.

The main activities of the Korean company are concentrated on the renewable energy integration business (solar/wind/geothermal power), and it possesses substantial expertise in smart energy platform design and optimal Energy Storage System(ESS) system integration technology. Currently, the company is expanding its area to smart city ESS and is searching for the design technology which can discover/compose/propose the entire project.

In order to optimize the energy system for the smart city, the conventional engineering process is as follows.

1. Reviewing feasibility of the project through analysis of power generation data for at least 1 year (including 4 seasons) for various energy resources (solar, wind, hydropower, etc.)
2. Transmission capacity analysis of power grid system (grid) and review of optimal capacity and quantity of power generation for transmission infrastructure
3. Estimation of ESS output and battery capacity (ensuring ESS stability and reliability), and optimization of ESS capacity and design plan (economic feasibility, operation algorithm verification) in conjunction with energy resources (solar, wind, hydro-power, etc.)
4. Review of the optimum design of installation and placement of energy system equipment - Analysis of power generation characteristics, distance, space and environmental impact of the corresponding energy system
5. Detailed design for optimal suppliers and facilities
6. Monitor progress and schedule check for engineering process

As mentioned, the company is currently seeking a software development technology for the system design simulation tool to build the smart energy system. The company is trying to solve some technical issues of current PV(Photovoltaic) solar power plants and ESS systems. To name a few:

  • Need for a high-power, high-efficiency PV solar module: Improvement of the degradation of power generation efficiency
  • Software with a built-in adaptable operating algorithm that predicts users’ energy generation and consumption in advance
  • Need for a data center capable of self-operation and diagnosis of energy management system to improve risk factors in advance
  • Development of optimal density high-energy storage and operation system 

To solve such problems, the company would like to introduce technologies to its ESS system and needs a partner offering professional system design technology to discover/configure/suggest the entire project. The partnership sought is as follow: Commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement, technical cooperation agreement. 



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