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Partners sought for the development of high-performance cellulosic fibre materials

A German company specialised in viscose specialty fibres is looking for partnerships to develop cellulosic viscose fibres with superior mechanical and chemical properties for applications in functional apparel textiles, technical nonwovens, hygiene products and specialty papers. Research and technical cooperation agreements are sought.

The German company is a leading specialty manufacturer of viscose fibres and provides customers worldwide. It has a strong focus on innovative products and novel technologies, where viscose fibres can play an important role. 

Cellulosic materials are based on renewable raw materials and are completely biodegradable. Due to their structural properties, they are very versatile and are therefore applied in numerous applications ranging from fashion, hygiene and medical products to nonwoven fabrics. Intrinsic properties of cellulosic materials are a good moisture management and a high water absorption capacity of about 80%. 

Compared to synthetic fibre materials, cellulosic fibres have a high specific weight of about 1,5 g/cm³ (grams per cubic centimetre). There are additional textile, technical and hygiene applications for cellulosic fibres with a lower specific weight of about 1,1 g/cm³. Currently, the company is seeking partners to jointly develop cellulosic viscose fibres with a lower specific weight. The fibres should retain the physical and chemical properties needed to process them into textile and nonwoven structures.

An approach towards an improvement of the cellulosic viscose fibres could be the development of composite materials by incorporating porous, at best biodegradable, particles into the cellulose matrix during the production process. 

Research cooperation agreements are sought to start research towards new applications of viscose fibres. Technical cooperation agreements are sought to push forward the development of state-of-the art viscose fibres towards composite materials with superior mechanical and chemical properties.



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