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Young Dutch label of high-quality leather handbags is looking for production partner

The Dutch SME designs and produces small leather goods like phone cases, tablet covers and tablet sleeves.
To expand their product line and meet the increase in demand of their current products the company is looking for producers of leather bags.They are looking for manufacturers based in Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Spain and counties situated in the west-central part of the Balkan Peninsula collaborating within the frame of a manufacturing agreement.

The company based in the Netherlands was founded in 2009 and developed a wide range of small leather goods, which are currently sold worldwide. A new product line of leather bags must complete the current line-up. For manufacturing this product line the SME is looking for a skilled and experienced manufacturer, that can produce high quality leather bags.The leather will be provided by the Dutch SME, but the potential partner is expected to purchase all other additional materials, like inside lining fabrics hardware and packaging. Besides leather manufacturing the
the factory should be able to add an embossed logo on the products, hangtag, so in fact ready to sell products are created.

The SME company is searching for a production partner, who is able to produce initial batches of about 50 till 100 pieces, in 2 or 3 different colour options. Therefore they request the potential partner to indicate the monthly production capacity and the estimated production time for the mentioned quantities. The manufactures must work Fairtrade, offering their workers good working conditions and work according the certificate Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) standard.

The production partners could be based in counties situated in the west-central part of the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, or Spain. A signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) will be part of the cooperation conditions and collaboration will be executed in the frame of a manufacturing agreement.



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