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A Japanese company is seeking 3D printing technology for building constructions to distribute in Japan

The Japanese company specialized in finance and real-estate markets is aiming to distribute leading 3D printing technology specific to building constructions in Japan.

The constructions should meet the quality standards of Japan's building sector. The partnership with a potential partner could be made within the frame of a commercial agency agreement, a distribution service agreement, licensing or services agreements.

Established in 2002, the Japanese company specializes in both finance and real-estate markets. With the cultivated knowledge on both markets, the company has engaged in services for building construction and real estate industry as well as investment advisory and consulting service on the industry. 

The company believes in the best integration of “people”, “real estate”, “idea” and “capital” to bring living comforts to the end users and to provide the best capital efficiency to the real estate owners. The company would like to be a leading company in the 3D printing construction sector in Japan.

The company is looking for a potential partner with the construction 3D printing industry experience. The company expects the partner to own the most of advanced and reliable 3D printing technology for producing 3D printed constructions mainly general houses and commercial buildings. The constructions should meet the quality standards of Japan's building sector.

The 3D printer should be already available on EU markets with proven track of positive feedback from end-users.

The Japanese company has profound knowledge about the Japanese consumers and the target industry, thus the company can offer the potential partner advice on the building quality standard of Japan as well as the types of the preferred buildings in Japan. The company can support the partner to acquire a patent in Japan (in case the partner owns a patent).

The partnership with a potential partner can be achieved within the frame of a distribution service agreement, a commercial agency agreement, a licensing or a services agreement depending on the strategy the EU company may have with the Japanese market. The aim is to reach a win-win partnership with the Japanese company.

The company does not have specific preference, regarding the targeted EU countries. 



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