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Belgian company looking for suppliers of Xylit (wood fibers) from lignite mine under a manufacturing agreement

The Belgian SME is active in the sustainable construction industry and is looking for Xylit for one of its prefab product. The Xylit is a raw material present in lignite mines. It only needs to be processed by a mill to have the good texture for the company. The Belgian partner is looking for providers of this raw material under a manufacturing agreement.

The Belgian SME specializes since 1965 in the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater as well as in the recovery of rainwater for both individuals and small communities.

The company has developed an innovative and sustainable system for wastewater treatment, using Xylit as main component. It only has to be processed by a basic mill in order to be used for this purpose.

The Xylit (from xylon, « wood ») is a waste reclamation obtained all around the world from the mining of lignite. Like in the peat, one can still observe the wooden structures not completely sedimented. Its density is around 400 kg/m³ .Its very low heat content, even in dried state, makes it considered as insufficient rank of coal. Because this raw material is not used as fuel for heat generation, it is often considered as a waste. However, Xylit offers:
- High mechanical resistance guaranteeing excellent stability over time;
- Large specific surface promoting the development of a dense bacterial biofilm much faster than with any other filter media;
- Low ecological impact in terms of carbon footprint linked to its proximity;
- Is compostable, therefore can be re-used again.

The Belgian company wishes to get more Xylit in order to sustain and raise its production capacity. It is planning a volume of 4.000 tons of Xylit for 2019. In this perspective, it is looking for a partner to increase its procurement of this raw material. The partner should be able to deliver Xylit already extracted. No certification is required nor any specific packaging. The interest for the partner is to find a new business opportunity for its product and make value out of it, since it is initially considered as waste.



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