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The Ukrainian aircraft company seeks industrial partners and R&D institutions for transfer and implementation process of 3D printing of aviation and space aggregates.

The Ukrainian aviation company occupies a leading position in Ukraine in the serial production, repair and modernization of equipment for the hydraulic, fuel and electric systems of aircraft and is looking for industrial partners and R&D institutes to conclude the technical cooperation agreement for the purpose of transfer and implementation 3D printing technology in the production of aircraft and space units.

The Ukrainian aviation company carries out the design, testing and production of aviation units. Additive manufacturing is now better known as 3D printing plays an important role in weight reduction, material strengthening and design optimization in the aviation industry. Therefore, the company is ready to borrow 3D printing technology from industrial partners or R&D institutes and introduce it into the production of aviation units and assemblies. The aircraft manufacturer is ready to develop technologies for electron beam melting and direct laser sintering of metals such as nickel and titanium.



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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Sunday, 3 January, 2021