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Numeric simulation and optimization of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in development of electric motor drives for automotive industry

A Slovenian company, producer of innovative in-wheel electric motors, is looking for cooperation with experts with know-how in the fields of numeric simulation and optimization of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and development of embedded systems, with experience in functional safety of automotive applications, the Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL), and the ISO23262 standard. Technical and research cooperation agreements are sought.

A Slovenian company, an innovative developer and producer of advanced electromagnetic propulsion solutions for light electric mobility is intensifying its development activities. Since the company foundation in 2010 they have combined interdisciplinary expertise from different technical fields. The company covers all phases of development and production from the idea to the final product. Their main expertise is the custom electric motor design and powertrain development along with standard in-wheel motors. The company is involved in several projects spanning electric drive development for an electric scooter, electric three-wheelers and a small electric car. They cooperate with Slovenian universities and with foreign research institutes. The expert team with five PhDs holds 22 patents and 14 awards. The patented new drive technology was recognized by the EU Commission as one of the most disruptive future technologies and was financed with the FTI programme.

Their main innovation is the in-wheel (or direct) electric motor with permanent magnets. A patented modular multiphase technology integrates modular motor controller and electric motor inside the wheel. This simple and compact solution for the e-mobility market has a wide range of applications for different types of two-, three- and four-wheelers. Examples of applications are electric bikes, electric scooters, e-rickshaws, electric and micro-cars, hybrid vehicles, motorbikes, golf carts, agricultural and industrial vehicles.

The new motor allows designs of different power. In general, standard motors power levels are from 1 to 15 kilowatts (kW). However, different custom designed options are possible even up to 120 kW, voltage level from 48 to 100 volts, motor weight from 3 to 20 kg, depending on the tire size (from 10’’ to 14’’ tire). The motor controller is fully integrated and air cooling system is mostly used. Customized complete electric drive solutions with battery packs adapted to the needs of the clients are also available.

The company has its own production facilities, but it would like to manufacture in-wheel electric motor for the light e-mobility application on a larger scale and in other countries. The company is interested in cooperation with other industrial and/or research and development partners. They would implement the in-wheel drive technology into their e-mobility application or future electric vehicle as a final product or as a research & development project. The company is envisioning different forms of cooperation with partners.

In the intensive development cycles the company is facing a challenge to enlarge its research and development team. 

The company is interested in research and development cooperation with experts in the areas of:

  • optimization of air cooling of the electric motor drive;
  • numeric simulation and optimization computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • software development of embedded systems with experience in functional safety Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) and ISO23262).

The Slovenian company is considering collaboration under technical cooperation agreement or research cooperation agreement.



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