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Qatar manufacturer of steel fabrication is looking for a technical partnership for manufacture of concrete hollow masonry block mold

This Qatari company is the biggest tank manufacturing company in Qatar. They make all kinds of storage tank such as fuel, chemical. They have developed an activity for the manufacture of concrete hollow masonry blocks mold. They are looking for a technical partnership through a service agreement to enhance concrete hollow masonry block mold fabrication. 

This Qatar company is a growing name in  all kinds of steel products. Their plant  is located at Doha industrial area. They are specialized in  mechanical works in both mild steel and stainless steel fabrication. They manufacture all types  of vehicle body and  repair works, pressure vessel, heat exchanger, fuel and bitumen storage tank.

They have a team of professional with large  industrial experience and specialized on  complex quality jobs.

One of their activity is the manufacture of concrete hollow masonry block mold. 

Concrete masonry block mold is a product which is required by all cement production companies and block production companies. Apart from Qatar, it has very high demand in all the GCC countries.
Mold is the core product to run the production line of concrete masonry block factory. If the quality of the molds produced is not good enough using that molds, all hollow blocks or solid blocks that will come out shall be rejected by the project engineering construction consultants. So, the quality of the molds matters a lot for any construction project. Currently they are the only mold manufacturer in Qatar market and they are supplying it to most of local cement products company.  Their plan is to supply the mold to overseas market as well and especially around GCC countries. All the materials that they are using in their molds are very successful in terms of maintaining the quality of the molds.  The warranty period of each mold is generally 100,000 production cycles. That means after 100,000 cycles molds should be replaced otherwise quality of the masonry concrete blocks will be reduced.

The company is looking for a technical partnership through a service agreement with an engineering company specialized in manufacturing processes.  


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