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Seeking for partners to develop tools or methods for measuring gas dissociation capability in a plasma reaction chamber of a work unit

A Korean SME has specialized in the product of remote plasma source and generator which can be applicable on semiconductor and LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays) manufacturers. The company is seeking for partners to measure the gas dissociation capability by electrically diagnosing the plasma of internal reaction chamber of the unit under technical cooperation agreement and research cooperation agreement.

A Korean company incorporated in 1993 has developed a product unit that uses plasma to clean the inside of the CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) process chamber in the semiconductor and display industry. In general, after the CVD process, gas radical is used to clean the inside of the chamber, and the unit is a device that dissociates neutral state gas by RF (Radio Frequency) power to obtain the radical state gas. 

The company is seeking for partners in order to develop tools or methods to measure the gas dissociation ability of the unit, which it not only helps to improve the performance of it but it also gives customers confidence in its performance under research cooperation agreement and technical cooperation agreement. 



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Saturday, 1 August, 2020