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Water turbine for fluctuating loads is sought

A German waste management association seeks a water turbine that is suitable for fluctuating water volumes and flow rates. The turbine is to be installed at a landfill site. The electricity produced should be fed into the public grid. A partner is sought who can provide a suitable turbine within a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A German waste management association wants to implement a small water turbine at a landfill site. The surface water drainage system of the landfill site has a drop height of approximately 50 m with a maximum flow rate of 80 l/s. The catchment area accounts for approx. 240.000 m² with an average precipitation of 990 mm/a. A retention basin with a volume of 1000 m³ is present and can be utilized to adjust the flow rate. However, as the system is dependent on precipitation, the water volume and flow rate highly fluctuates.

Hydropower experts, who were consulted, informed the waste management association that fluctuating flow rates as well as the low water volumes prove to be problematic for existing water turbines on the market. The only offers made to date had a payback period of more than 30 years and could thus not be accepted.

The waste management association is thus looking for a company that can give advice and provide a water turbine and assist with implementation at reasonable costs within a commercial agreement with technical assistance.



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