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Technology for automatic cleaning of solar panels

An institute from Latvia has developed a technology for automatic cleaning of solar panels. Technology relates to electrical engineering, namely - to semiconductor devices formed as panels, that convert solar energy into electrical. Technology has been designed to increase the efficiency of work of solar cells. Institute is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

The institute from Latvia, involved in physical energetics field, have developed a technology for solar cells to increase the efficiency of work by determining the degree of surface contamination and ensuring appropriate cleaning management.
Usually, semiconductor elements that convert sunlight into electrical energy, are placed inside the device and protected from contamination and external exposure with a transparent screen of glass, and its purity level is determined by the level of a signal output from the photoreceptor that detects light from the illuminant, transmitted from the transparent screen. The screen in case of contamination of the surface reflects more light and the reflected signal level is increasing. This signal commands the cleaning mechanism control unit and the control unit is performing solar panel work surface cleaning.
In this case, the level of pollution on transparent screen is determined by measurements in exact places, and due to that, the required number of reflectors and photoreceptor depends on the solar panel sizes.
Institute is looking for commercial agreement with companies, industries and other institutes interested in this technology in order to implement it in solar cells.



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