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Russian waste recovery company is looking for technical cooperation

A Russian small enterprise from the Murmansk region specializes in waste disposal and looks for partners to cooperate within technical cooperation agreement. The company looks for a partner which is able to provide an economically effective recycling technology of rubber-, mercury-, and carbon-containing waste products.

The Russian company from the Murmansk region specializes in waste management. It focuses on recycling of mercury-containing waste products such as thermometers, mercury-vapor lamps, fluorescent lamps; rubber-containing waste; carbon-containing waste; polymer waste; worked-out and defective railway sleepers.
The company was established in 2011, and now seeks new effective methods of waste recycling. The company looks for an enterprise or a research institute which develops and applies new methods of technical waste recycling and is interested in technical cooperation with the Russian company in order to share experience and best practices. 

The company looks for partners with a great experience in rubber-, mercury-, and carbon-containing waste recycling and is interested in learning of new technologies and recycling methods. The company looks for a recycling technology which is more ecological, more efficient and cheaper than the previous versions. The company is interested in its efficiency increase with the use of such technology. The company is targeted to create a non-waste production as high as possible. That is why it is interested in the production of useful products of waste. The company is eager to buy new technologies and waste recycling equipment as well.



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