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Elaboration of paintball game manager system technology

A company from Latvia engaged in paintball game business and supply of equipment to paintball game managers/operators is seeking for technical cooperation agreement to develop joint elaboration of current paintball game manager system technology adding extended functionalities. After development of the technology, the partner should be able to manufacture in small series the elaborated paintball game management equipment.

Paintball is a competitive team shooting sport in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules ("paintballs") that break upon impact. A game field is scattered with natural or artificial terrain, which players use for tactical cover.

The paintball game may be managed by operator/ instructor using specific equipment, so called manager system technology. The SME from Latvia has developed and manufactures paintball game manager system technology. This  technology contains base unit and two remote controls which helps game instructors to manage the game process – to fix the beginning and the end of the game, automatic video recording, training mode, game time monitoring - automatic result counter and configuration of team names, result, sounds.

The advantage of use of the current automatic paintball game manager system technology is that it increases profitability and reduces costs allowing to manage more games in the same time period. For instructors this technology allows to spend less time in the field giving more time to talk to clients, so less instructors are needed. Using this technology, it is easier to guide groups, there is no need to follow the players. This technology provides with automatic start when teams are ready, stop signal when mission has been completed. Players/teams control the game by themselves. It is easy to guide two or more groups at the same time. The technology provides higher training quality and effectiveness - fair start for both teams, no need for yelling. 

The problems with the current system are due to limited possibility to upgrade existing system (hardware and software) with new required features. There is no possibility to identify players. Technical problem is due to power system which comes only from built-in rechargeable batteries.

Development of new, more advanced product is required to be more competitive in this industry. To create this innovative product, the Latvian SME is seeking for company capable to design and manufacture in small series necessary electronic modules with embedded software and develop corresponding control application for smartphones/tablets. After development of the technology, the partner should be able to manufacture in small series the elaborated paintball game management equipment.




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