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Chemical industry know-how sought for further development of digital marketplace for raw materials

A German start-up company set up a digital marketplace combining suppliers and purchasers of different branches and sizes on one intuitive platform for raw materials. The platform is completely independent from chemicals producers and traders. In order to introduce new services and features and to further develop the platform, partners with know-how, experience and contacts in the chemical industry are sought for technical co-operation agreements.

A German start-up company developed a digital marketplace for raw materials in the chemical and plastics industry. The two company founders had experienced that procuring raw materials using analog methods is time-consuming and inefficient. Thus, they decided to counteract with developing a digital marketplace.  The aim is to depict the entire procurement process by pooling suppliers and purchasers on one platform. For the purchasers, this facilitates procurement processes. Furthermore, they benefit from decreasing prices due to the suppliers underbidding each other. The suppliers on the other hand profit from gaining an additional sales channel which gives them access new customers and markets. Both parties thus realize a significant reduction in transaction cost and time and profit from digitalizing their processes without having to make a large investment.  It is the only European platform with complete independence from traders and producers of chemicals. The basic use of the platform is free for both suppliers and purchasers. In  future, premium features are to be monetized.

The company founders, who have a background in business administration and economics, have set up an interdisciplinary team that comprises also chemists. However, additional know-how from the chemical industry is required in order to further develop the growing international platform.

Hence, the German company seeks a co-operation partner with relevant experience and know-how in the chemical industry for a technical co-operation.

Within this cooperation, the partners would jointly expand the services offered to the users and introduce new features and functionalities that are attractive to the target group. For example, partners in the past have provided input about how to structure the platform in order to best display and arrange relevant information in order to further facilitate the transaction process.



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