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Low cost resin or fillers for thin wall injection molding.

A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods looks for cost effective, commercial ready material replacement of resin or low cost fillers that can be added to resin as blend to yield savings in the molded part. Industrial partners or research centers are sought for license agreement or technical agreement with the large account

Some key material properties of today’s typical LDPE (low density polyethylene) resin / homopolymer are:  flexibility, warp resistance, melt index 20-30g/10min [ASTM D1238], tensile strength at yield 10-15 MPa, Shore D hardness 50-55, density 0.9g/cm3.  As for material cost reference, North America market LDPE resin pricing is about $1.65/kg [$0.75/lb] and subject to oil pricing fluctuations.

The Belgian multinational based in Brussels intends to reduce resin cost for a high volume, thin wall [<1mm] package component, which today is made via high speed injection molding of 100% petrol based low density polyethylene [LDPE] resin. 
They intend as well to reduce the environmental footprint.




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