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An Albanian company request technology for treatment of Lead Slag (Dross) sourced from foundry of secondary lead smelting from battery recycling.

An Albanian company, recycling batteries and the production of secondary lead from foundry, is requesting a "new dross treatment technology".  The main company products are:  lead & plastic material. Wastes are residue fluid acid, fluid gas & dross. The company is looking for partners to sign any financial, manufacturing agreement or technical cooperation agreement. This is the first time for this kind of technology to be applied in the country, which can open the way for further collaborations.

The company has start its production in 2010. There are 20 workers at all. The company is located alongside Tirane Duress high way. There are 8500 square meter and 3500 are cover. There is in place the engineering infrastructure needed. They have a electric power-station 20 KVA, technological road paved with reinforced concrete, water system, gas supply system and deposit.   Stock-age area for slag and plastic residues. The capacity is approximately 5000 ton/year. Actual production rate is working more or less 2000 ton/year. There is a system for collecting batteries. The batteries initially are sent to the factory premises. Then following process is cutting of the batteries. Workers manually makes the selection and separation of the a)lead, b)plastic and c)residue of acid content fluids from batteries. Afterwards, the fluids goes for its treatment up to the level of norms decided from U.N.E.P- United Nation Environment Protect on pollution before  it is finally discharged.
The plastic passes through grinding process and its is separated in two fractions, before it is sucked into big bags. This product, package in 1 ton, is ready for market.
Lead is mixed with iron ore, coal and soda and it is sent to reverberate  furnace for smelting. Liquid secondary lead is cast into ingots and the slag (Droos) goes to stock-age area. The ingots, package in pallet with approx 900kg, are ready for the market
All gaseous produced during the smelting process passing through a sophisticated filtering system. The gaseous are filtered up to the level of  U.N.E.P norms and discharged in  the air through a chimney.
An up to date technology, for processing of slag (as byproducts residue)  is required.



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