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Innovative drive unit applicable in industrial hammers for driving piles

A Bulgarian SME, with extensive R&D activities, has developed an innovative drive unit for improving existing industrial hammers used for driving piles. The company is seeking research cooperation agreements with R&D institutions and universities to explore new applications and develop collaborative projects and technical cooperation agreements with interested companies, in order to field test the prototype in adapted conditions.

The Bulgarian SME has long-term experience in the research and development of various innovative engineering and industrial solutions. The company has been awarded for being innovative several times on national and international level.

The principle of “free fall impact” used in all current solutions is several times less effective than the principle of operation used in the one developed by the SME.

This is a novel constructive solution to drive the crusher parts of hammers. The crusher part drive is carried out by an industrial rocket engine. The module will provide power to the industrial crusher engine, allowing the driving of piles at any angle. 

The most important elements needed are:
1. Working (series-produced) pipe hammer with a mass of the crusher parts up to 2250 kg, mounted on a suitable tractor (truck).
2. Drive module supplying the fuel and oxidizer to the industrial rocket engine. Additionally, receivers for compressed air up to 300 atmospheres (300 bars) and high pressure air compressor are included.
3. Reconstruction of the crushing part of a running diesel hammer with tubular mass of the crushing part up to 2250 kg, as well as, the hammer itself in order to be used to drive the industrial rocket engine.
4. Stand testing of the industrial rocket engine for reaching the necessary thrust for different cases of pivot driving.
5. Reconstruction of the leading pole of the hammer in order to provide different angles in the range 0-90 degrees from the vertical axis. Particular attention is given to driving at the angle range of 40-45 degrees from the vertical axis and the horizontal position - 90 degrees.
6. Adjusting performance of the drive module hammer at different angles of the crash.

The company is seeking to reach research cooperation agreements with universities and R&D institutions for collaborative research and project development and technical cooperation agreements with interested companies to field test and adapt the innovation.



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