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Novel hydrodynamic device for improving of ice making machines

A Bulgarian SME has developed a very efficient technological product for enhancing the ice production rate, time and quality. The technology provides high disinfection and also works with seawater. The company seeks commercial agreements with technical assistance with companies making ice machines, interested in the implementation of the device.

The Bulgarian company has over 20 years of experience in the development of devices for treatment of water and various liquids. It has successfully implemented international projects with partners and has experience in international business collaboration.

The water disinfection process is fundamental to remove  microorganisms and can be done by different methods such as  use of ultraviolet and chemical substances like chlorine,  hypochlorite, chloramines, chlorine dioxide, bromine and ozone but there is a novel trend within the water treatment industry to  develop and employ more environmentally responsible technologies to help lower impact of harmful chemicals and processes.

The device developed by the SME operates on the basis of eco-friendly hydrodynamic and magnetic principles. The water used for ice making is treated when flowing through the device. This results in increase of the production rate and energy efficiency due to the fact that the treated water freezes more easily. The obtained ice becomes denser and with a finer ice-grain structure resulting in an increased melting time. Disinfection of the water is also achieved by a single passing through it – the device kills physically 60-70% of the bacterial, microorganism and algae contamination. In order to operate at full efficiency water pressure of at least 3 bars and flow rate range depending on the device diameter is needed. The product also works with seawater. The device may be installed easily in working or new installations. The product does not need electricity in order to function and is made of stainless steel. 

The company seeks commercial agreements with technical assistance with industrial partners interested in the implementation of the device and providing adaptation to the needs identified as it may be used by ice producing companies, food, meat processing and cold cuts production facilities, fish and fish products manufacturing factories, including fishing ships, as well as, hotels and restaurants.



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