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Innovative device for homogenisation and improvement of the qualities of milk and milk products

A Bulgarian company has developed a specialised innovative product for homogenisation of milk and dried / powdered milk. It increases the quality and taste of milk and all dairy products and achieves a high degree of reduction of harmful microorganisms. The company seeks commercial agreements with dairy companies interested in the implementation this technological product.

The Bulgarian SME has over 20 years of experience in the development of devices for treatment of various liquids and has established collaborative joint research cooperation with scientific organisations. The company also have have experience in successful project implementation.     

Milk is a valuable nutritious food that requires careful handling. Thus, it is highly perishable because it is an excellent medium for the growth of microorganisms – particularly bacterial pathogens – that can cause spoilage and diseases in consumers. Milk processing allows the preservation of milk for days, weeks or months and helps to reduce food-borne illness. The usable life of milk can be extended for several days by using different techniques. Milk can be processed further to convert it into high-value, concentrated and easily transportable dairy products such as butter, cheese, yellow cheese, etc.

The innovative device is especially designed for processing of milk and dried milk in order to improve its qualities and reduce formation of harmful organisms. It can be used in the production of any kind of dairy products, including cheese, yellow cheese, yogurt and ice-cream. The principle of operation is hydrodynamic ultrasound generation. It is a physical treatment and no electricity is needed. When milk passes through the device, turbulence takes place and this leads to a very high degree of homogenisation. The technology used is able to homogenise milk, fat and vegetable emulsions very effectively. Also, the number of pathogenic microorganisms (if any) is reduced significantly, leading to a prolonged storage life, retaining the taste of the milk product. The technology improves the quality of the processed milk and dairy products.

The Bulgarian SME seek commercial agreements with technical cooperation with industrial partners for the implementation of the device in technological processes concerned with milk processing and adaptation to specific needs.



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