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Specialised device intended for increasing the quality and exploitation life of grease cooling liquids and emulsions

A Bulgarian company has developed a specialised product applicable for treatment and improvement of the quality of grease cooling liquids and emulsions intended for metal cutting, drilling, grinding, milling and polishing machines. The company seeks commercial agreements with technical assistance with companies in the metals processing sector, for implementation of the product.

The innovative Bulgarian SME has over 20 years of experience in development of novel devices intended for treatment of liquids and applicable for different purposes. They have successfully collaborated internationally with partners from the industry and research sectors and have been involved in joint project implementation.

Metal processing machines related to metal cutting, drilling, grinding, milling and polishing machines and other similar purposes have cooling liquids in order to operate. These liquids have to be replaced after a certain period of time and the industrial processes suffer from that inconvenience in terms of time and costs.

The innovative device was developed in order to cope with that problem and it successfully prolongs the life of the coolant liquid or emulsion used in the industrial equipment or achieves higher efficiency. The product modifies the physical structure of the liquid by an ultrasound principle. It increases the temperature flow within the coolant and reduces the surface stress of the fluid. The temperature at the cutting edge is reduced and the cleaning ability is improved. With the increase of the concentration of the emulsion the effect is improved increasingly. The main effect achieved using the device is an increase in the exploitation time of the liquid used thus, reducing serious maintenance costs. To specify: using synthetic or semi-synthetic cooling emulsions the increase in exploitation is from 20% to 35%. If mineral oils are used for suspension the effect is from 2 to 5 times (200% - 500%) and above. These effects are achieved without using any bactericide additives.

The Bulgarian company seeks commercial agreements with technical assistance with industrial partners interested in the implementation the product working in the field of metal processing equipment or factories where metal processing done (metal cutting, drilling, grinding, milling and polishing machines).



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