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British company is looking for a silicone injection manufacturer to produce smartphone hanger under manufacturing agreement

A British company has designed a durable silicone rubber hanger to protect smartphones. The silicone rubber stretched to fit around the top and bottom of the smartphone. 

The British company is looking for a new silicone manufacturer that works with the silicone injection or compression process to manufacture their mobile rubber under manufacturing agreement.

Targeted countries: China, Spain, Turkey, Germany and Poland among others.

British company has designed and commercialised a smartphone silicone rubber hanger and is looking for manufacturers in the injection molding arena. 

Injection molding is most typically used in mass-production processes where the same part is being created thousands or even millions of times in succession. The British company has designed and distributed this silicone product to the business and consumer sectors in the UK and abroad and is in a need of a silicone factory that works with the silicone injection process to work with under manufacturing agreement.

The silicone smartphone hanger is stretched to fit around the top and bottom of the smartphone it grips tightly and helps to protect from loss, accidental damage and theft. Due to their international expansion, the British company needs to partner with a manufacturer in injection molding to produce their product in large volume. 

The international cooperation envisaged is under manufacturing agreement. The agreement sets out key obligations of the manufacturer and the customer, and includes clauses for the provision of technology and equipment, ownership of intellectual property rights, and warranty and indemnity provisions.




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