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A UK designer of a children's money saving box seeks a manufacturing agreement

A British designer has developed a money saving system for children, designed to be bought by parents, grandparents or carers. The money box tree is designed to take 100 UK Pound coins or Euros and is sealed to stop the child taking money before the total is reached.
The designer is currently having the boxes made in China but would now like to move the production closer to home. A manufacturing agreement is sought.

Begun in 2017, this British company has achieved success selling the money boxes through its e-commerce platform and through a limited number of independent high street retailers. It now looks to expand the wholesale operation and would like to bring the manufacture of the product nearer to the UK.

The company is looking for a single point of contact manufacturer who can manufacture and/or supply the finished money box(es), the point of sale and transit packaging.

The money box is in the shape of a tree and is constructed as follows;

The back is a grey painted MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) 8mm thick but milled out to create a space for the coins, with a cut out near the top to take a white plastic hook receptacle (to be supplied and fitted) and two holes drilled into the centre of the back to receive the two pegs of a small softwood desk stand to hold the box upright - this stand will also need supplying.

To the MDF back is applied a vinyl patterned cartoon covering most of the surface. The cartoon is in four designs (in the same shape) to produce four different money boxes. The cartoon on the MDF back also has a small clear circular vinyl sticker applied near the top, below the front coin slot to protect the cartoon sticker from scratching when the coins are fed into the money box. The MDF back has 10 holes drilled along the perimeter to allow fixings to be attached.

The front of the money box is constructed from 2mm acrylic in the same tree pattern. The acrylic sheet has a semi-circular coin slot cut near to the top of the acrylic sheet. The sheet also has ten wholes drilled in it.

The front acrylic sheet is fixed to the MDF back with 10 Nickle screw and collar fittings through both components.

However, the designer is happy to talk with the manufacturer about alternative manufacturing techniques if quality can be maintained whilst showing a cost saving.

Each money box would be packed in a 4 colour printed, E-flute corrugated point of sale box which in turn would be packed 10 to an outer (both to be provided through the manufacturer), to be shipped to the company's UK base.

Currently the designer is purchasing 1000 money boxes per order in four cartoon designs (4 X 250) but is open to negotiation regarding minimum order quantities in relation to cost savings.

Images and sample products can be provided to manufacturers during negotiation if there is deemed to be some potential for collaboration.



For more information please contact Enterprise Europe Network Latvia.

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Thursday, 4 June, 2020