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UK company seeks a manufacturer to produce board games under a manufacturing agreement

A UK company that has been trading since 2010 has developed a board game which is designed to assist students to develop their money management and numeracy skills in a fun and innovative way. The UK company is seeking a manufacturing company to enter into a manufacturing agreement, to meet the demand for the board game. The game is currently being sold via the company's website and other e-commerce websites.

The UK company developed a money management board game as a result of identifying gaps in the educational sector when it came to teaching numeracy skills. They developed the board game after undertaking research and receiving feedback. The feedback resulted in a board game that enables players to interact with other players, teaching them money management and numeracy skills in a fun and innovative way. The game also helps the players to develop their interpersonal and team building skills and raises their confidence levels. This benefits the players in all aspects of their educational activities, enhancing their life skills. The game has already received positive feedback from the educational sector and is supported by local government boards. The company has won awards in both the UK and USA for this innovative money management board game.

The UK company is seeking a partner that has experience in the manufacture of board games. The prototype already exists and has proved to be very popular, which is why a manufacturing company under a manufacturing agreement is sought in order to fulfill the demand for the product, in line with the company’s expansion plans.


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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Sunday, 5 April, 2020