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Qatari manufacturer of UPVC, HDPE and corrugated HDPE pipes is looking for international suppliers such as PE100 & PVC K65 under a service agreement.

This Qatari based company is associated with producing high pressure and all classes of thermoplastic pipes. They are looking for a service agreement with a company able to provide raw materials such as polyethylene PE100 & polyvinyl chloride PVC K65.

The Qatari company is one of newly established factories in Qatar, its specialty is manufacturing un plasticized polyvinyl chloride UPVC, high density polyethylene HDPE and corrugated HDPE pipes. Licensed in 2008 and started its production in 2017, they have supplied pipes to numerous  organizations in Qatar and earned a name for themselves in a short period.
The progresses made in the plastic sector during the past years are mirrored by the actual existence of improved products and smart processes. A highly trained  team of  developers and researchers of the company, investigate the potential of plastic pipe manufacturing industry in Qatar.

Their equipment and raw material are manufactured from well known  producers. Comparably, their extensive  range of plastic pipes products is made and quality tested  according to the international standard such as BS, BS-EN, DIN, NEMA, ASTM and ISO. They consider their clients and suppliers as partners, and they highly estimate their clients’ long-term value.

The Qatar company is looking for a service agreement with a long-term partnership for the supply of raw materials such as polyethylene PE100 & polyvinyl chloride PVC K65. 


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Friday, 1 May, 2020