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An Italian SME, specialized in high level quilting and embroideries for the most important high fashion brands, is looking for fabric manufacturers for increasing its business offer, under manufacturing or commercial agreement

An Italian SME, specialized in high level quilting and embroideries for high fashion, is looking for fabric manufacturers, with high/medium level production, with no commercial distributors in Italy, to increase its appeal, proposing to its clients not just processing on client's textile, but also textile quilted and embroidered.

Commercial agency agreement or manufacturing agreements can be discussed. 

An Italian SME with an experience of 40 years in high level quilting and embroideries for the most important brands of high fashion producing in Italy for clothing, bags, shoes and accessories, is looking for new fabric manufacturers, with high/medium level production, having no commercial distributors in Italy yet, to be able to propose its clients not just new embroideries but also embroidered textile. 

The company has a strong experience in every kind of industrial needlework. They work with every kind of fabrics and leathers, with all kind of padding, including experimental ones, with old and new technologies.

The company has two main departments: quilting and embroidery, separated but complementary, working together with the design office, in close contact with clients, from the idea to its realization.
Its clients are tailoring or shoe factories producing for high fashion brands or directly high fashion brands it selves. They mainly work for one of the main international luxury group and in particular its most recognized high fashion brands.

The company constantly works researching on materials, processes and operations, always receptive to the input of designers and clients’ style offices, finding better solutions to translate style inputs into a large-scale production, in every sector where its work applies: clothing, leather goods, footwear, furnishings. 

At the moment they work on textile supplied by the client (90% of times), just in few cases they propose textile.

In these last 40 years the world of fashion has changed, requiring the company to become always more flexible to adapt to the fast changes of the market. Key factors to remain appealing to clients are experience and quality but also innovation in process and products.

To this purpose the objective of the Italian SME, now, is to empower its identity from a supplier to a style proposer, offering its clients, together with new embroidery designs and patterns, also new complete products, that is embroideries textile, increasing its appeal for its clients.

For this reason, they are looking for fabric manufacturers, skilled and smart, able to properly answer in terms of quality, reliability and organization to the demands of high fashion brands, with no commercial distributors in Italy yet. 

They can offer to the textile manufacturer, Commercial Agency Agreement for Italy or Manufacturing Agreement, also including warehouse if necessary. They are looking just for textile manufacturers not yet known in the Italian Market in order to propose novelties to its clients. This partnership could open to the Italian company a more valuable role.



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Monday, 2 November, 2020