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Belgian company is looking for suppliers of nets for their wastewater treatment tanks

The Belgian SME is active in the wastewater treatment and is looking for nets for its concrete tanks. The nets are used to retain the beads that play the role of bacterial carrier in the tank. The Belgian partner is willing to identify potential providers of the nets under a supplier agreement.

The Belgian SME active since 1965 specialises in the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater as well as in the recovery of rainwater for both individuals and small communities.

Wastewater is treated by micro-organisms (bacteria). Inside the aerobic treatment systems, bacteria form a bacterial carrier or media in a honeycomb shape and consume the micro-pollutants.

The Belgian SME has developed a bacterial support, patented and rewarded by many innovation awards, in the form of unique design beads offering bacteria the best place to live, grow and treat pollution. With 200 m² of surface area for 1 m³ of logs, the bacteria benefit from a huge area to reproduce. Oxygenated in the right proportions, they allow, without any intervention, to degrade the pollution to find a water usable for irrigation.

The Belgian SME uses nets to hold together these small white balls on which bacterial activity develops. This makes it possible to facilitate the after-sales service (easy removal of the balls).
These nets must be rotproof and have very specific meshes, of 30x30 mm. They are also accompanied by coloured bands to identify the amount of beads inside the net.

The company uses 140km of net per year.

The nets are 200 meters long; they are wrapped around a mandrel and the thread thickness is 3 mm.
The net is currently made of polypropylene (PP).

In principle, no certification is required. 

The net must be durable in water for 25 years.

The company wants to identify potential partners who manufacture or distribute nets for different applications (fishing, food, packaging, sports, ...), with characteristics corresponding to the water treatment sector. The partnership is envisaged under the form of a supplier agreement.



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