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Russian producer of gravity dynamic separators is looking for international licensees, distributors and partners to set up a joint venture agreement

The Russian company from Kazan specialized in gravity dynamic separators for the emulsions separation. The company is looking to sign distribution services, license and joint venture agreements.

The Russian company from Kazan was found in 2016 and specialized in gravity dynamic separators for the emulsions separation. The separation equipment implements the principle of liquid dynamic filtration, when the emulsion components themselves act as filters for the emulsion. 

The company provides 3 types of gravity dynamic separators for the separation of emulsions: mobile and stationary, stationary separators can be made in the form of separate modules, wells or reinforced concrete pits, mobile separators can be made on the basis of virtually any vehicle. Separators are completely insensitive to the percentage of components in the emulsion.
Conventionally, from 0 to 100%. Separators provide simultaneous cleaning of liquid fractions from each other. Depending on the operating conditions and properties of the original emulsion, the separation efficiency is 95% or more.

Applications: oil and gas sector.

The company is looking for partners from the oil and gas sector to sign distribution services, license, and joint venture agreements. Under the distribution services agreement, the Russian company will supply the product to the partner for the subsequent sale. Under the license agreement, the company will provide the product and holder of the exclusive/non-exclusive right to sell the product and also provide services related with the transfer of technical and reference information related to the operation of the product.

Under a joint venture agreement the company provides the technology, a product to develop a new entity to mutual benefit with a potential partner.



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