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Russian company specialized in development of robots for educational activities is looking for distributors abroad

The Russian company is developing software and robots for educational activities at schools and universities. They have developed a laboratory and robot platform, which allows the students to design, implement and programme robots, so they can explore and learn about physics and robotics. The company is looking for partners under a distribution services agreement.

The Russian company is specializing in software development and robotics for teaching programming basics among schoolchildren and university students. The company was founded in 2007 in St. Petersburg.

 The main projects of the company are:
1. A robotic kit is a modular system that can be changed at its discretion. There are magnetic platforms on it so that children can mount different sensors themselves: photoresistors, touch sensors, lines, and any others.
2. A laboratory, which consists of a board with sensors and programmable sensors, which is packaged in a strong transparent cartridge, so that children can see the contents and understand the microelectronic part.
3. A 3D mini printer, the child will draw a model, and the 3D printer will turn it into a real three-dimensional plastic object. In the manufacture of 3D-model uses a safe biodegradable plastic PLA, made from vegetable raw materials.
4. A circuitry set is needed for learning the basics of electronics. The set consists of various electronic components that are easily connected to the Arduino microcontroller.
5. A franchise of robotics club for children, all-season business model, support for entrepreneurs, recognizable trademark, educational materials and advanced training courses for teachers. Program for ages from 5 to 15 years.
6. A turnkey robotics class for schools and private training centers. It consists of hardware, software, as well as educational materials for teaching children programming and robotics. Program for ages from 5 to 15 years.

The robotic kit is built around a microcontroller and the kit includes 1 LED (flashlight), 1 light sensor, 1 touch sensor, 1 proximity sensor, and 2 line sensors. Sensor modules are magnetic-mount, allowing fast and easy reconfiguration and customization of the robot. Up to 5 sensors can be attached to the platform simultaneously. It is reliable and designed to work under tough conditions. User interface gives a visual representation of the designed program, placing each command in a single colored block, highlighting them as the command is being executed.

The company is interested in finding partners in the sphere of wholesale and retail trade of electronic devices and educational programs to conclude distribution services agreement for obtaining robotic kits, produced by the Russian company for the further distribution into foreign markets. The Russian company is ready to organize transportation, custom services and deliver products to potential partners. The partner is supposed to organize sales of the products into foreign markets. The expected result is entering into new markets, finding reliable partners and expanding the geography of sale.



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