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A UK prop-tech company is looking for HoReCa partners with under-utilized space during daytime

A UK prop-tech company has developed a co-working platform designed to meet the needs of frequent business travellers, start-up entrepreneurs and remote workers. It is looking to conclude service agreements with hotels, restaurants and cafes (HoReCa) in central locations in major European cities by offering an opportunity to transform their unused spaces during daytime into dedicated workspaces that can be used by  the platform members for a subscription fee.

In 2016, over 2 million of the UK workforce were free-lancers and remote workers. This trend will be going up in the years to come not only in the UK, but in all the developed economies.  At the same time, many hotels and their associated restaurants, bars, and cafes located in the centres of big cities suffer from under-utilized space during active working hours, high competition, low customer retention, high rent and business costs.
To solve that, a UK company has developed an innovative co-working platform which transforms underutilized areas in hotels, bars and restaurants into productive workspaces during the day. It has established partnerships with some leading hotels in London and across UK, thus creating an alternative co-working environment which brings an additional revenue stream from food and beverage spend, access to new customers and exposure to new customer segments.
The platform is a subscription service that allows its users - mostly business travellers and start-up entrepreneurs - to work from any partner venue across  its co-working network at just a fraction of the cost of a typical office space. This provides an opportunity for joining hotels, restaurants, and cafes to maximize revenue from their available space and prime location, thus further reducing overhead costs.
The company is currently working on expanding its network in Europe and the US, it is therefore looking to conclude service agreements with interested hotels, restaurants and cafes that benefit from central location at major cities (e.g. Amsterdam, Geneva, Paris, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin).  
The company is also interested to offer partnership agreements to innovative startups in Europe who share similar audiences and key features like flexible working and mobility to cross-promote their services in UK and Europe respectively. 



For more information please contact Enterprise Europe Network Latvia.

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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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United Kingdom
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Friday, 8 November, 2019