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Dutch SME in the medical devices industry is looking for manufacturers of medical, surgical, home care devices and consumables and offers a commercial agency agreement

Dutch medical devices sales and marketing company with over 25 years of expertise in the medical devices industry is looking for is new partners to complement and expand its portfolio of medical, single use surgical and home care devices. They prefer to launch niche products. The SME is looking for cooperation in the framework of a commercial agency agreement with manufacturers of these devices.

This Dutch family owned medical devices sales and marketing company has a 25 year long track record in developing the healthcare market with new products, often in partnership with  medical devices firms in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and other European countries. The SME works with patented technologies that allow patients to live better lives and help health care professionals efficiently treat more patients to better care. 

The company has a focus on sales and marketing of innovative single use surgical products for hospitals and over the counter (OTC) healthcare products for the home healthcare market. It can also offer access to European distribution of medical devices via partner companies. Warehousing and logistics can be arranged in-house or via an external partner.

The company is based in the Netherlands close to both the German and the Belgian border and is a central location for the countries it represents. For international medical device manufacturers the company provides an effective gateway to the Dutch market,  the German Ruhr region and the Belgian market. The company can also support a foreign manufacturer to comply with the appropriate European regulations and standards. A sister company is specialized in regulatory affairs concerning medical devices, European representation for medical devices and sterilization expert consultancy for medical devices, providing an extra advantages for manufacturers based outside the EU.

The company represents both surgical devices and OTC (care) home healthcare products. Their main product groups are surgical devices for single use in laparoscopic surgery and thorax surgery.
Exemplary products are:

  • Specialist operating instruments (niche products)
  • Operating theatre supplies
  • Implants
  • Dressings
  • Bio-absorbables
  • Products aimed at tissue engineering

(OTC) home healthcare products.

  • Diabetes products

Currently the company is looking to extend the product range therefore it is looking for new, innovative devices to be sold in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The company is looking for long term partnerships with manufacturers of innovative and niche products in the above mentioned segments. The manufacturers has preferably obtained CE-marking for the product.
The partners this company is looking for should share the Dutch company's interest to add value to the healthcare market and for socially responsible entrepreneurship. The partner is expected to  provide full product information and related authorization in the home market and photos and images of the product for marketing and sales activity.




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