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Belgian company is looking for suppliers of berry fruit press cake (from the fruit juice/puree production)

The Belgian company, specialized in the production of niche vegetable oils (fruit seed oils), is looking to expand its network of feedstock suppliers. They are looking for ‘frozen press cake’, this is the leftover substance after fruit juice or fruit puree pressing. Conventional as well as organic certified material can be processed. Companies who have the seeds in dried and cleaned form can also be suppliers. The company is offering a manufacturing agreement.

The Belgian company was established in 2006 with the aim of extracting high quality products from natural primary and secondary resources. They are specialized in the production of niche vegetable oils (fruit seed oils). These oils can be applied in food and in cosmetics.

As feedstock for its fruit seed oils, press cake from the fruit juice or fruit puree industry is sought. The following berry press cake are needed: raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, blackberry, blackcurrant, blueberry, sea buckthorn and elderberry. Conventional as well as organic quality is sought.

The press cake should be frozen immediately after pressing the juice to avoid deterioration of the material, the grow of moulds or the rotting process. This is also important to guarantee the quality of the oils. The press cake should be kept separated per fruit.

Order volumes are depending on the kind of fruit, but would range from 20-60 tons/year.
Dried fruit seeds can also be processed. The seeds should be cleaned (without fruit skins or pulp). Humidity should be between 6-10%.

The partner should be a supplier of feedstock, to whom the Belgian company is willing to offer a manufacturing agreement for long term cooperation.



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