About us

Foreign trade portal of Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) Exim is export-orientated information on-line database. The goal of this portal is to provide exchange of the information about import and export facilities for Latvian and foreign entrepreneurs in Internet.
Main parts of the portal
  • Companies – database of Latvian companies;
  • Proposals – business advertisements and commercial ideas of Latvian and foreign entrepreneurs;
  • Events – list of events in Latvia and foreign countries;
  • Market info – information about Latvian economic industries and trade.
The target auditory of the portal is Latvian and foreign enterpreneurs.
How to participate
Any visitor has possibilities to find out the information about Latvian companies, events in Latvia and abroad, basic facts about Latvia, and to look for business cooperation by searching and submitting business proposals. 
The enterpreneurs from Latvia and abroad have possibility to attach business proposals, but enterpreneurs from Latvia also to submit company profile. But you should remember that only registered companies can put in information in the portal.
How does it work
Step 1 – Company fills the registration form, receives a link in e-mail and logs-in to the system
Step 2 – Company hands in business proposal (Latvian companies also a profile)
Step 3 – Administrator checks, edits or redacts information if it is necessary, and publishes it
Contact information
Investment and Developement Agency of Latvia (LIAA)
Foreign Trade Promotion Department
Export Promotion Division
Phone: +371 67039414
E-mail: exim xatto liaa.gov.lv