The 6th ChinaWoodExpo 2019

16 Manufacture of wood and products of wood and cork; except furniture; manufacture of articles of straw and plaiting materials
17.07.2019 to 19.07.2019
Shanghai New International Expo Centre
Shanghai Pingji Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
No.2345, Longyang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China
Jesen [dot] Zhou [at] chinawoodexpo [dot] com
Contact person: 
Mr. Jesen Zhou

CHINAWOODEXPO is Wood and Wood Products import and export trade as the theme of the International Wood Expo. Show: Logs, Sawn Timber, Sheet, Floor, Wood Products (Wooden Doors, Wooden Windows, Wooden Stairs, Huts, Wooden Structure, Cabinets, Wardrobes, Furniture), Veneer, Woodworking Machinery, Accessories etc.

The 5th ChinaWoodExpo 2018, with the strong support of exhibitors and visitors, successfully concluded the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) from July 18h to July 20th, 2018. During the four days of the show, 45,968 visitors from 48 countries and regions were received, including 36,283 domestic visitors and 9,865 overseas visitors. The number of audiences at home and abroad and the number of countries all set a new record in the exhibition.

In order to better serve the development of wood trade, Shanghai Pingji Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. & China Timber, Wood Products Distribution Association & China-Europe Wood Center jointly organized by, "ChinaWoodExpo 2019". To create the most high-end international most influential wood trade exhibitions, for the wood buyers to provide the most complete first-hand quality wood sources and the most environmentally friendly sheet metal, wood products, furniture products one-stop domestic procurement platform.

If you are a supplier of these products, Do not hesitate to book your exhibition space action:

  • Timber: Russian Wood, European Wood, North America Wood, South American Wood, Canadian Wood, African Wood, Southeast Asian Wood, Australia Wood, Papua New Guinea Wood, China Log, China Sawn Timber, Logs for pit-props, Wood Chips, Blanks for Wood Flooring, Planed Sawn Timber, Anti-corrosion / Flame Retardant Modified Wood, Fast-growing Forest, Square Wood, Sleeper, etc.;

  • Wood-Based Panel: Plywood, FibreBoard, ParticleBoard, BlockBoard, Wood Veneer / MFC, Engineered Veneer, Bamboo Plywood, Building Templates, Single Board, Veneer, Wood Flooring, Laminated Veneer Lumber(LVL) , Glued Laminated Timber, Finger Board, Puzzle, Wood Polymer Composite(WPC), Non-Wood Based Panel, HPL, OSSB / OSB, Floor Substrate, etc.;

  • Flooring: Solid Wood Flooring , Laminate Wood Flooring, Parquet, Cork Flooring, Bamboo Flooring, Bamboo Wood Flooring, Outdoor Flooring, Other Flooring, All kinds of wood flooring, Floor Blank, Floor Substrate, Floor Special Paper, etc.;

  • Bamboo: Bamboo, Bamboo Flooring, Bamboo Products, Bamboo Handicrafts, Bamboo Veneer, Bamboo Chopsticks, etc.;

  • Wood Products: Wood Door / Wooden Windows, Furnishing Materials(Line) , Furniture, Furniture Parts, Living Wood Products, Wooden Crafts, Gardening Wood Products, Outdoor Wood Products, Industrial Wood Products, Wooden Boxes for Packing, Wooden Pallet, Card Board / Pallet, Wood Rod/Rod/Handle Products, Wooden Stair, Wallboard, Container Floor/Floor, Timber Wtructure/Wooden House, Wooden Components, Cabinets, Handrails, Curved Wood Products, Edge Banding, Paint-free Panel, Cork Product, etc.;

  • Woodworking Machinery: Wood-based Panel Equipment, Woodworking Machinery, Woodworking Tools, Woodworking / Wood-based Panels Accessories, Wood Drying Equipment, Modified Equipment, Wood Production Equipment, Wood Dust Removal Equipment, Testing Equipment, etc.;

  • Accessories: Flooring Adhesives, Wood Coatings, Preservatives / Fungicides, Wood Stains, Scavenger, Timber Modifiers, Wood / Wood-based Panels Retardants, Plywood / Floor Aids, Plywood Plastic Packaging / Inkjet Printer, Plywood Special Types of Paper, Wood Flour, etc.;

  • Others: Timber Trading Company, Wood Trading Market, Certification Bodies, Forestry Agencies, Trade Associations, Transport Companies, Magazines, Research Institutions, E-commerce, etc.


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